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10 Things Girls Are Tired of Hearing From Guys About Their Bodies

Almost every girl has gone through the experience of hearing a guy talk about her body and let’s face it, we’re tired of it! Guys may think they’re doing us a favor when they tell us these things, but sometimes they just do more damage than good!

There’s plenty of things we could probably add to this list, but for now here’s 10 things girls are tired of hearing from guys about their bodies – and GIFs of how we all wish we could react!

1. “Don’t wear push-up bras – that’s false advertising.”

Um, who cares? Some girls feel more confident in push-up bras and others just think they’re comfortable. We’re the ones with the boobs, let us support them however we want!

2. “Why do you wear so much makeup?”

We don’t do it for you, it makes us happy and feel good about ourselves. So if you don’t like it, don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

3. “That ass is so fat!”

Saying this to a girl is likely to get you a handful of sass and attitude, even if it’s supposed to be a compliment. Just don’t do it.

4. “You don’t have a butt so you shouldn’t wear yoga pants or leggings.”

We wear them because they’re comfortable, not to give you a free display of our amazing backsides. You don’t play basketball yet you wear basketball shorts all the time, so why can’t I wear yoga pants or leggings? Exactly.

5. “You’re pretty, but you could be prettier.”

What?! Why would anyone ever think that’s okay to say to someone?! Bye Felicia!

6. “Are you on your period?”

We’re not on our period every time we’re in a bad mood! If you think this is bad, just wait until we actually are on our period. You’d better be prepared to grovel on your knees or buy us chocolate… preferably chocolate.

7. “Shouldn’t you be wearing a bra?”

As we said before, we’re the ones with the boobs so let us choose what to do with them! If we want to let them breathe and get some fresh air, we will! Bras can be uncomfortable sometimes – deal with it.

8. “I don’t like girls who are taller than me.”

Well then it’s a good thing we don’t like silly little boys who can’t handle tall women. There’s nothing we can do about our height, but we can choose who we date and you didn’t make the cut. The odds were not in your favor.

9. “You look better with your hair down.”

Don’t make me channel my inner Willow Smith and whip my hair in your face.

10. “That outfit doesn’t look good on you.”

Well, that sucks because we’re going to wear it anyway and we’ll own it! In the wise words of Beyonce: “I woke up like this, we flawless!”

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