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The 10 Stages of Making Weekend Plans (in GIFs)


1. Your friend reminds you that you made plans to go to happy hour on Friday (and possibly a house party on Saturday.)

2. You mentally start planning all the outfits you could wear and pray that they all fit.


3. The weight of all your work reminds you that there’s still STUFF between you and your precious weekend.

4. Forget the stuff, you remember you don’t really have the time to go out (or the money.)

(Or the alcohol.)


5. You heavily weigh out how bad your productivity would be affected if you still went out.

6. Now, your friends try to convince you that you deserve to go out and they’re right….right?


7. At this point, you’re so stressed out about making this decision that you HAVE to go out.

8. That aaaaand you heard there’s a special on drinks (or you heard the guy you like will be there).

9. The stress of getting ready almost makes you reconsider.

10. But then you go out, have a great time and wonder why you were ever worried.

Until you have to wake up and start your paper that’s due Monday.

Nyala Stagger is a junior public relations major from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. She is currently the Public Relations Chair of the Hofstra Chapter of the NAACP, as well as the Her Campus Hofstra chapter. She loves performance arts, good music, reading and keeping up with the latest articles from HerCampus!
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