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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Feminism comes in many forms, in many outlets. Social activism, like going to protests, isn’t the only way to voice your opinion of the issues facing women. There’s art, writing, and, you guessed it, podcasts. Besides your normal NPR podcasts, spice up your Spotify playlist with these 10 feminist podcasts.


Sex talk, hilarious quips, and everything we wish we could talk about! Sounds like a recipe for a new podcast you’re bound to binge with a tub of ice cream in your arms. Wemetaacme is a podcast from Lindsey Metselaar all about the topics in millennial dating we never talk about, but the ones that are on all our minds.

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The Black Joy Mixtape

Hosts Amber J. Phillips, the High Priestess of Black Joy, and Jazmine “Da K.O.S.” Walker display a new podcast with a fresh mix of humor and leading headlines going on today. With real talk on everything from comedy, Black feminism, and social movements— it’s a podcast we all need to listen to more of.

On She Goes

Women empowerment comes in many forms. But for the adventurers out there, here’s a podcast for you. This podcast, On She Goes, is for women of color on the go with talks all about travel, culture, and the world.

Call your Girlfriend

Having a rough week? Well, hosts Aminatou Sow, Ann Friedman, and producer, Gina Delvac, got you covered with the latest in pop culture, politics, and feminist news. With show stopping wit and feminist undertones, this podcast highlights people with new, interesting things to discuss. But this show also highlights feminism in all forms, especially feminine friendships to help and discussing different experiences. What more could you want?

Death, Sex, and Money

“Stuff let out of polite conversation” is a prime quote to describe Anna Sale’s sensational podcast. With guest stars to die for, the quick wit and beautiful openness is what’ll keep you binging this podcast. It’s authentic, fresh, and everything you need to listen to immediately.

Guys We’ve F**ked: The Anti Slut-Shaming Podcast

This girl power-produced podcast from Corinne and Krystyna discusses almost everything with sex. You name it: the taboos, the stories, advice, interviews— they’ll cover it. With an atmospheric attitude towards sexual positivity, this show is good for any sexually empowered woman.

2 Dope Queens

First off, who doesn’t love stand up? Secondly, who doesn’t love strong, independent woman who’ll always speak their mind? No one. Co-hosts Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams don’t limit their humor to Brooklyn. They’re reaching everyone through their hilarious podcast. From romance to adventures, it’s never a dull story with the 2 Dope Queens.

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The History Chicks

Now this feminist podcast is a bit out there, but for the history buffs, this is your new go to. They discuss everything there is about certain female characters in history (real life or fictional), with a fun, fresh twist on the information. Their past episodes have been dedicated to Frida Kahlo, CoCo Chanel, and even Marie Curie. Dazzle the world with your newfound intellect on women’s history— who doesn’t love a fun fact?

Witch, Please

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter world? Are you a fan of deeper conversation into the magical world? Well, Marcelle and Hannah’s podcast, Witch, Please, is exactly what you’re looking for. While the show may have ended, the topics within will keep you wanting more. How is this feminist you may ask? Badass, geeky women proudly discussing in depth of a fantastical world? That’s pretty darn magical.

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She Said Podcast

Not your average feminist podcast, this badass team discusses everything society won’t touch upon. From sex education to reproductive health to LGBTQ+ rights, this is a no shame zone. If you’re a woman in this day and age, you need to hear the new podcast hosted by Isabel Fields and produced by Liz Coleman.

It’s time to listen to everyone’s mindsets within the world of feminism, one episode at a time.

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