We've got some important Valentines Day plans for all you single ladies out there

  1. Have a girls night in with your friends. I know that seeing couples out on Valentines Day is hard for some singles, so just make some popcorn, cook, or possibly order takeout or pizza, and have a movie night where you can just enjoy being around your friends and also not worry about how lonely your Valentines Day could be. 
  2. Have a shopping or spa day. Not a lot of things could go wrong if you are shopping or spa-ing. If you can only afford to go shopping, there are always at-home spa options that you can make that are quick, easy, and fun to do with your gal friends. Make your own serene face mask, spicy jalapeno and coffee bean body scrub, DIY milk bath, or DIY cucumber foot soak
  3. Host a Valentine's Day party for singles. During every single Valentine’s Day, there are always couples parties, or activities for couples to partcipate in. I barely ever hear anything about a Valentine’s Day party for us single folk. Guests could bring an activity to do while you provide little, sweet snacks. Being an Event Management minor, I always love planning new and exciting food or decorations to use at parties, but this party could be simple or extravagant, whichever you prefer.
  4. Buy gifts for the BFF/Friends. I think Leslie Knope called it "Gal-entines Day." It’s perfect because best friends have been there through your bad and good moments. An awesome idea for this Valentine’s Day is giving them a gift that shows them that you truly appreciate their friendship. Nothing says "I love you," more than anything on this amazing list.