Surviving a snowpocalypse at HPU

Since we recently had the first snow storm of the year, I realized that people in North Carolina don’t take winter storms lightly. Despite rarely getting more than three to four inches of snow, people sprint to Walmart and buy every loaf of bread and gallon of milk in stock. The best part is that schools close their doors after the first sight of a snowflake. 

I am from Virginia, so I never noticed just how much people who live further South freak out when there is snow, until I was woken up by my Floridian roommate screaming at 7:30am telling me that I had to see the snow falling from the sky. As a result, I decided I would put together the perfect list of things to do if you ever find yourself, “snowed in,” on campus.


Step 1: Sprint to the C-store.

Whether you are a southerner honestly fearing that this snow storm really might have you stuck inside for weeks on end, or if you’re a northerner just joining in for fun, this is the best way to prepare for the coming storm. Stock up on the necessities: ice cream, Oreos, cookie dough, and of course milk (partially because everyone else does, but also partially for the Oreos). 


Step 2: Set up a fort.

Once you’ve gathered your essential snacks and junk food set up a fort in front of your TV or laptop. Yes, it is a little childish, but let’s be honestly nothing is more fun than grabbing all your pillows and blankets and hiding out with your best friends.


Step 3: Binge watch away.

I know, you didn’t need anyone to tell you this, as I am sure it was your first instinct. Nothing says snow day like watching Netflix until your eyes are actually burning. So take a seat in your fort with your snacks from the C-store and see how long you can watch Parks and Rec or Greys Anatomy without stopping.


Step 4: Enjoy the snow.

Since it is so rare for snow to actually amount to anything down here, you might as well play in it when it does. Whether you prefer a snowball fight on the Promenade or sledding down the hills near Cottrell, make sure you do actually step foot in the snow (and no, taking selfies in the snow doesn’t count as enjoying it).


In all honesty, while North Carolina residents do tend to overreact to snow (seriously there was only one shovel left at Walmart before the snow even started falling) sometimes it’s fun to get snowed in with your friends and be a kid for a little bit again. And if the storm actually does last a while there are also some awesome activities the school holds as well (this is the one time to read all of those Campus Concierge Daily Updates). This past snow storm the cinema was playing winter movies all day, and an event was held in the arcade. If you want to just hide out in your room though, you could even have a game night with your friends by renting games from the library. So, bundle up, grab some hot chocolate, and enjoy the frigid weather.