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Keeping a Journal in College

Keeping a “diary” is something we associate with young girls—starting off each entry with “dear diary” and writing our crushes’ names over and over again.  As we get older, we look at writing in a journal as a waste of time.  Why would we write down our feelings when we can just vent to our girlfriends?    

If there’s one thing I have learned since starting college, it’s that there are so many things going through your mind each and every day.  Whether they’re about your classes, boys, your friends at school, your family, your health, your friends at home, or even just what you ate for lunch, your mind is flooded with these different thoughts.  And having these thoughts bottled up in your always-working mind can be unhealthy.

It is important to share these feelings with someone.  However, it’s difficult to figure out who you trust right away at college.  And your friends from home are probably equally as confused and busy as you are.  The best person to go to is always your mother or father or whatever guardian you like to confide in the most.  Except what happens when it’s hard to find a good time to talk with them on the phone or Facetime?

This is where keeping a journal comes into play.  First of all, writing all the time is extremely important.  Even if English isn’t your major, you’re going to be writing lots of papers for almost every one of your classes.  Strengthening your writing will help you do better on said papers.  Second of all, journaling all your feelings is great for your mental health.  Letting all the thoughts in your head out onto paper will make you less stressed and clear your mind.  Third, writing things down helps with your creativity.  This is a great skill to have that can come in handy in your college classes.  And finally, keeping a record of your thoughts, feelings, and memories is a great idea so you can look back on what you have done and how you have matured.

College is stressful and exciting and tiring, but overall it’s a once in a lifetime experience.  It’s extremely easy to get caught up in the craziness of it all, but taking a moment each day to write your feelings in a journal and ease the load in your mind is very beneficial.

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Kayla Barry

High Point

Born in Massachusetts, living in North Carolina.  Proud sister of the Theta Alpha chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma.  HPU 2018.
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