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Justin Beard

Name: Justin Beard
Hometown: Frederick, Maryland
Major: I’m a double major in Performance Theatre and Vocal Music.
Relationship Status: Single

Activities on campus: Uh, theatre. I don’t have much time for much else haha.
Interests: Horseback riding, chopping wood, crocheting, hiking, singing obviously, a little guitar and thats about it.
Fun fact: My eyes are different colors. Not many people notice till I say it, they’re just off…

What song on your iPod is on repeat?: Boys of Summer by Ataris
What is your dream date?: Definitely a beach picnic. I love a beach and I love picnics, you put them together and that’s a hell of a date.

Favorite female celebrity crush: Adriana Lima
Favorite male celebrity crush: Hugh Jackman
Favorite pick-up line: My lips hurt you wanna kiss them better?
What qualities do you look for in a girl? Honesty, beautiful eyes, goofy, low-maintenance, someone who loves to be outdoors.

Favorite High Point Memory thus far?: Probably singing in the musical (Urinetown) as Officer Lockstock last year.
Plans for after graduation?: Head up to NYC or LA and try to be an actor.
Words to live by: Funny you ask because I’ve started a book called Tips for Teens that’s full of all the advice my grandpa ever told me. I’d have to say my favorite is: “Find something that you love doing and get good enough at it that someone will pay you to do it.”

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