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If You Don’t Know Her You Should: Sarah Roof

 Sarah Roof has a grace and sense of humility you don’t often find in college students. She’s good natured and friendly, acknowledging people as they walk past her on her way to class and can still crack a smile on the most stressful of days. This junior from Walpole, MA is President of her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha and Journalism major who knows how to go with the flow.
What are you planning on doing with your life?
SR: I wanted to be a pharmacist since I was like 10. It’s a very reliable job, very secure and apparently that’s what I am? But then I was in class one day and I was just sitting there and I was like wow, this sucks. I hate it. And I decided I wanted to try something new and took classes in disciplines I was interested in and my communications class was one of them and I just loved it. Now I want to work at a news station as a news reporter.
How would you sum up your job as President of ZTA?
SR: It’s a lot of paperwork. Essentially I’m a liaison between the chapter and the school or other chapters or other Greek organizations. The way it’s been told to me  by an old frat president was that this is the job where everybody’s problems become your problems. With almost 200 girls in our chapter, people don’t know who to turn to so they come to me. Which I completely love, it’s nice that people feel that they can just come to me but it does get stressful. Add this on top of my own problems and social life, but I love it.
You’re living in the brand new ZTA house in the new Greek Village. What’s it like living there?
SR: I love living in the house, it’s the best. I lived in Millis when it was “the hall.”It’s very different because it’s so beautiful and so nice, but I love living with sisters. There’s always someone to help you with your homework or borrow shoes. It’s nice that there’s always someone around to help you. And yes, it gets messy!
Do you have any obsessions?
SR: I am OBSESSED with Kate Middleton. I’m obsessed with her and her fashion. I think she’s a total trendsetter and so classy. She’s a breath of fresh air from the trashy celebrities we see so often. I love the website WhatKateWore.com.
I also love to bake…cookies, cupcakes, brownies, anything. Usually on a Saturday night if you come to the house I’m making something. If it’s the middle of the day and I’m baking it means I’m upset. I also love to just drive my car around. It sounds weird, but when I’m at home, especially over the summer, I’ll just drive for hours on end by the ocean.

What are some fun facts about you?
SR: I really like to paint! When I was in high school I took an art class by mistake, and my teacher was like just go with it and I was dreading it. All summer I was pissed about it and I remember walking to my class and sitting down and it wasn’t half bad. My parents have some of my stuff framed. I also love Sour Patch watermelons….you could put them on anything and I’d probably eat it.


Christina Buttafuoco is a sophomore Communications-Journalism Major with a minor in English Writing at High Point University. She is a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, a lover of musicals, and an avid viewer of the Food Network. Christina grew up on Long Island, NY and headed down south to North Carolina during those awkward middle school years. Before she moved, her best friend ripped out pages from a fashion magazine and told her not to forget what fashion was. She didn't. Now Christina hopes to be an editor for one of those magazines one day. For now, she is so excited to bring Her Campus to HPU.
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