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HPU Freshman Bucket List

Congratulations! You’ve survived your first week of classes, social life, and being away from home. You probably feel like you’ve been here forever. But take it from a seasoned pro: you haven’t begun to experience your freshman year until you accomplish certain things. We’ve put together a freshman year bucket list of 25 things you should experience by the end of the year. Good luck!

25 things a freshman should do in their first semester (in no particular order):

1. Eat at Prime 1924 Steakhouse
2. Sit on the “Dream Big” rocking chairs
3. Eat at every dining location on campus
4. Attend at least one Campus Activities Team (CAT) event
5. Play every game in the arcade
6. Go to at least two sporting events
7. Buy anything and everything HPU from the bookstore
8. Download the High Point app on your phone
9. See a Monday night movie
10. Go to the C-store after midnight
11. Attend at least one Greek event
12. Sit by Gandhi on the Promenade
13. Get Starbucks before your 8 AM class
14. Rent a movie from the Smith Library and watch it with your roommates
15. Spend a day laying out by the pool at Slane
16. Meet everyone on your dorm hall
17. Get a milkshake from Cookout (off campus)
18. Ride the trolley
19. Go to the Fall Concert
20. Get a snack from a kiosk on campus
21. Eat breakfast at Carolina Diner (off campus)
22. Pull an all-nighter in the Smith Library
23. Get on a first name basis with Miss Terri from the Farmers Market
24. Take pictures in the photo booth at the arcade
25. Get featured on Her Campus! :)

 If you have any more suggestions, comment or email us! hcxo

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