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How To Get Through The End of The Semester

At this point in the semester, the only thing most of us can focus on is how much we want to be done and get out of this place. We’d much rather spend our time swimsuit shopping and planning our summer vacations on Pinterest. Finals, who? Summer, hello! The homestretch is here, and it is totally normal to feel tired and a little sluggish, but don’t let all the hard work you’ve done all semester go to waste by slowing down now. Without a doubt this is the toughest part of the entire school year. Believe it or not you can make it through. Without going crazy.


Prioritize and Organize

Now would be a great time to de-clutter that desk that you’ve been meaning to get to for a while and maybe start writing in that planner you were so excited about for like a week back in August. Organizing your assignments and the space you work in will make it feel like you’ve suddenly cleaned your whole life. You’ll be more motivated to get things done and you’ll have a clear mind while doing them, making it easier for you to focus.


Start Now

Don’t wait until “finals week” to start preparing yourself for final exams. This will most likely cause you a great amount of stress that can easily be avoided if you get on the ball early. First things first, don’t get behind on all those pesky little busy work assignments for all of your classes (you know exactly what I’m talking about). The last thing you want is for the time to come for the hardcore studying and gigantic final projects and your professor is on your back about the assignments you’ve let pile up throughout the semester. Which I totally have. At this point your priority should be finals, and these little tasks are not worth the stress, so keep up with them.

A few weeks before finals go ahead and start reviewing the material little by little. Chances are you probably covered a ton of information throughout the semester and this tip could save you the anxiety of trying to cram it all in your brain at once right before the test. Make flashcards, study sheets, quiz yourself, ask the professor what to expect, whatever you need to do to prepare, and I guarantee you will find yourself a lot less stressed as the tests get closer.


Find An Outlet

Okay, we’ve talked a lot about the studying and the organizing but that doesn’t mean there’s no time for fun! In fact, taking breaks is one of the key things in preventing you from losing your sanity during these last weeks of school. It is important for you to find something to do in between schoolwork that clears your mind and rejuvenates you. Going for a run, seeing a movie, reading one of your favorite books, taking a yoga class, the options are endless. Just make sure it is something that you thoroughly enjoy and will take your mind off of studying for a while so you can come back with fresh eyes and a clear head.


Use Summer Plans As Motivation Not Procrastination

This might be the toughest one, but it is also an important one. You can’t waste time on the Internet looking at all the places you want to go and all of the bathing suits you want to buy as a way of putting off studying. It will only make you more upset about the fact that you are still in school, and it’s definitely not going to make the semester go by any quicker. Instead, change your mindset and use all of the plans you’ve been making for the summer as an incentive to finish the semester strong. Don’t be depressed about the fact that summer isn’t here yet; get excited that you have something to look forward to. This is much more likely to help you get through the semester with a smile on your face.



This one sounds the simplest, but often we forget to just relax when we are going stressful times. Taking a few deep breathes every once in a while can be a very effective way to put things into perspective.

Just remember that everyone is going through the same feelings as you at this point in the year, and it does you no good to drive yourself crazy over small things. Trust in all the hard work you’ve done all semester, and know that you’ve made it this far, and there’s no way you can’t push through a few more weeks. Summer will be waiting for you!


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