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Fall Break: A Quiet Getaway

Fall Break is upon all HPU students, and we at Her Campus High Point University hope that they take this time to relax and get away from all of the stress of classes! Campus Correspondent, Mollie McKinley, is living the life in Vero Beach, Florida as we speak! #HCXO

Mollie McKinley is currently a rising junior at High Point University in High Point, North Carolina, where she studies English Literature with a double minor in communications and women and gender studies. Mollie is a proud sister of Alpha Gamma Delta, a High Point University swimmer, and serves as a campus correspondent for High Point's chapter of Her Campus. She works as a Writing Tutor for HPU's Writing Center, and has a love for dogs, creative writing, poetry, netflix and music. Mollie's biggest aspiration is to work as a humor writer for Buzzfeed, or for any online media, really. Mollie is a strong supporter of gender equality and loving yourself, although it can be hard a majority of the time. Mollie is originially from West Virginia with an endless passion for the outdoors, and really awesome hikes.   
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