Campus Cutie: Alec Yamartino

This week’s Campus Cutie is freshman, Alec Yamartino. Alec is heavily involved with both the Toccatatones, an all-male acapella group, and the school’s improv club, Charcoal Pony. Alec is not just a performer though, he is also a member of the Media Fellows Program for communications majors offered to HPU students. Alec is always up for a good laugh, and while his sense of humor may be one that’s more sarcastic, after getting to know him you realize that he is just trying to keep everyone smiling and having a good time. While we may have only known Alec for a couple weeks, getting to live right next door to him made us realize that he is a genuine guy who is always willing to help when you need something.

Name: Alec Yamartino

Major: Electronic Media Production

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Concord, Massachusetts

Relationship Status: Single

Interests/Hobbies: Singing, making art, freestyle rapping.

Fun Fact: I draw portraits of all my favorite tv and movie characters.

Favorite Song: Hiiipower- Kendrick Lamar

Dream Date: Taking a girl on the red carpet for my Oscar nomination

Female Celebrity Crush: Emilia Clarke... oh my god.

Favorite Male Actor: Tom Hardy

Favorite Pickup Line: Wanna go to prime? ;)

Qualities You Look For in a Girl: What’s the opposite of jealous? Cause that's a quality I look for. Also a good sense of humor. 

Favorite Memory at HPU Thus Far: Singing with the Toccatatones

Plans for After Graduation: Makin’ movies

Words to Live By: Don’t take yourself so seriously.