5 Foods I Would Eat If I Wasn't Allergic


My mother and I share food allergies, so back at home I had a pantry and fridge fully stocked with allergy-friendly treats. Now that I am at away at school, I am constantly surrounded by the best comfort foods a college kid could ever dream of. Resisting the temptation of indulging in delicious non-gluten & dairy-free foods has become increasingly difficult, especially when you are trying to stick to a college budget (the upcharge of allergy friendly foods is ridiculous). If I could, I would TOTALLY indulge in the following five foods:


1. Pizza. Five cheese pizza. With extra sauce and garlic butter on the side. Oh, and maybe some ranch. Honestly, I would be okay with any pizza I didn’t have to pay an upcharge for.  

2. Bagel and cream cheese. Some gluten free bagels put up a good fight, especially when they are toasted properly. However, they only come in a few flavors- like plain and multigrain. Nothing is better than a crunchy, toasted cinnamon and sugar bagel with cold cream cheese. Especially a bagel with coffee. 

3. Soup in a bread bowl. The gooeyness of the bread soaked in broccoli cheddar soup from Panera Bread. Honestly any bread from Panera. Enough said.

4. Mac and cheese. Nothing is more disgusting (or expensive) than dairy free, soy based melted cheese. Appreciate the luxury of a $1 box of Kraft Mac & Cheese.

5. Ice cream & FroYo. Coconut/Soy/Almond/Cashew milk ice cream doesn't compare to the creaminess of the real deal. Plus ice cream/froyo dates are totally out of the question with a dairy allergy.

Moral of this article: don’t take your properly-working stomach for granted.

XOX, your taste buds.