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13 Snapchats We Know You Send On A Daily Basis

Perhaps the app that prevails all, Snapchat has become a part of every 21st century teenager’s life. We crave attention, seek affirmation; what better way to tame those than sending weird pictures and selfies to one another, uncensored and unexplained? I don’t know about you, but I definitely want to see an “I-just-woke-up” selfie of someone I used to know in high school. Oh, and I for sure want to have a billion snaps sent to me of how bored people are in class, or how amazing their starbucks looks. Keep ’em coming, 21st century, your snapchat scrapbook is quality. But I don’t have much room to talk, because I am just as much a part of this silly-selfie-sending century as the rest of us. Being a culprit, I have come up with 10 categories of snapchats that we send or recieve on a daily basis.

** DISCLAIMER: All of these snaps were taken by me, and were actually sent to people over the course of the day. You’re welcome in advance. **

1. The, “My hair looks so FLEEK I wanna make sure everyone sees it digitally just in case they don’t see me in person, featuring sassy caption and snapchat filter to lessen the inevitable ugly ” snapchat.

2. The “The weather is [insert good/inclement weather here] and I’m making sure you know about it just in case you have never seen what weather looks like before, so you’re welcome in advance,” snapchat.

3. The “Look how cool I am with my Starbucks, Starbucks is love and life and all that I strive for, finally it’s time for me to taste the nectar of the Gods, amen,” snapchat.

4. The, “Class is so boring that I’m gonna annoy my snapchat followers and tell them how much I need a distraction from a class I should probably be paying attention to, but I’m choosing to browse the internet instead because life is hard most of the time, feat. caption that tells my mood” snapchat.

5. The, “This looks so sketchy but I’m either not decent enough for a photo or I can’t take an obvious photo because I’m in a situation where it’s not appropriate, sorry but snap me back with an answer plz, feat. obnoxious emoji and huge text” snapchat. 

6. The, “I’m in a situation or place or just witnessed something that made me say I can’t even, I’m so done, I quit, or some variation of that, feat. a filter to escape the inevitable ugly once again, and a snarling facial expression,” snapchat.

7. The, “I’m so bored that I have resorted to drawing (terribly) fake scenarios to spice up this boring situation. I hope you think it’s funny and you snap me back, but I wouldn’t be offended if you didn’t because I wouldn’t if I were you,” snapchat.

8. The, “Way too close for comfort, I have no excuse for this, probably just wanted to bug you, this is only sent to like, really really close friends,” snapchat.

9. The, “My snapchat update finally works, so I’m trying out the new filters every day, PS all of my trials will be sent to you because they make me laugh, so get ready, feat. caption that makes me seem a little less basic,” snapchat.

10. The, “My front camera opened and I didn’t realize it and it fucked me over in the best way because HAHA look at my face, feat. caption that says that I make myself laugh constantly and that’s okay,” snapchat.

11. The, “This is blurry, but I’m bored walking to class and the weather actually isn’t rainy for once, plus look how pretty my campus is! This is most likely sent to people who don’t go to my school so I can show off, sorry not sorry, feat. snapchat filter to enhance the beauty,” snapchat.

12. The, “Finally reunited with my one true love, food, and I probably don’t have pants on either, and I’m also avoiding my responsibilities in bed so I thought I’d snap you, feat. clever caption about my love for food” snapchat.

13. And finally, the “I’ve officially drowned in stress, and have succumbed to the sleepiness, so I’ll probably be asleep within the next 5 minutes and whether I wake up or not is still to be determined, feat. too lazy to take my makeup off,” snapchat.

You can’t deny you haven’t sent at least half of these. Stop lying to yourself. But we wouldn’t have it any other way, would we?

Mollie McKinley is currently a rising junior at High Point University in High Point, North Carolina, where she studies English Literature with a double minor in communications and women and gender studies. Mollie is a proud sister of Alpha Gamma Delta, a High Point University swimmer, and serves as a campus correspondent for High Point's chapter of Her Campus. She works as a Writing Tutor for HPU's Writing Center, and has a love for dogs, creative writing, poetry, netflix and music. Mollie's biggest aspiration is to work as a humor writer for Buzzfeed, or for any online media, really. Mollie is a strong supporter of gender equality and loving yourself, although it can be hard a majority of the time. Mollie is originially from West Virginia with an endless passion for the outdoors, and really awesome hikes.   
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