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You’ve Got Mail: For the Love of Postcards

How do you know the spring is around the corner? You suddenly want to start about ten new hobbies and find the purpose of life. At least, that is the pattern it tends to go for me every year during this time. However, we cannot travel the world or meet new people because of Covid-19. Or can we? (This is the part where the choir of angels comes in and the orchestra starts playing.)

I recently came across Postcrossing. As I was scrolling my bookstagram feed in perfect serenity, I suddenly discovered this amazing photo of postcards that had found their way around the world. I noticed the concept of “Postcrossing”, Googled it and ta-dah, a whole new world opened up to save my day. So long serenity, hello enthusiasm!

The idea of this genius innovation (yes, mail) is to send and, yes, receive postcards to and from random people around the globe. We seldom find anything fun coming through the mailbox these days (bills, bills, bills) or get to write any postcards or letters. Postcrossing allows you to make someone’s day and gives you something to look forward to. As it’s said on the web page, “for each postcard you send, you will receive one back”. 

It is time, my dear friend, to put on your mask, head to the shop to buy some postcards and stamps, and start writing! At the same time, it’s also a great inspirational writing exercise. Now, let’s get those quills scribbling!

Kukka Raejärvi

Helsinki '23

English major and an aspiring activist who mostly chills with her dogs or reads books.
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