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Your Classic Go-to Autumn Accessories

While autumn is becoming a bit dreary as it’s reaching its late stages, there is nothing nicer to perk you up than the lovely autumn accessories that make the perfect outfit. Here’s your reminder and hopefully a source of inspiration of what you should or could include in your wardrobe during this season.

Chunky scarf

A classic – basically a girl’s best friend that covers your shoulders completely with the lower half of your face. If you like to apply just a bit of color to your outfit, it could be the thick knit scarf that’s a good, warm addition to a mere leather jacket or a longer coat. If you prefer your clothes to be neutral, try a chunky scarf that’s a lovely grey or an autumn color like beige or neural orange.

Thick knit beanie

Who doesn’t love a beanie? They’re cute on everyone and compliment a more layered outfit, both in the autumn and winter. The weather is getting cold, so it wouldn’t be silly to start shopping for a new one (or two). A classic black beanie can be a cool addition to an already neutral colored outfit, but if you prefer color for your accessories, try different colors while thinking of the color scheme of your whole wardrobe.

Leather tote bag

A stylish necessity for the rainy and humid season. Of course, you can keep your canvas tote bag, however, a bag made of leather will better protect you items if you know you do a lot of walking between places. Like canvas bags, they’re easy to fill with plenty of space and are an excellent accessory to take from work or lectures to a lunch or coffee date.

Dimi Boutselis-Bag Flowers Sunflower Fashion Style
Dimi Boutselis / Her Campus

Stylish headband

If the weather’s not too cold and there’s no need for a beanie, try out a stylish headband that’s thicker and layered with an elegant fabric. The beauty of these types of headbands is that they can perfectly compliment a simple, neutral-colored outfit either in monochrome or as colorful accessories. While possible with many hairstyles, try out this type of headband with a wavier hairstyle.


A mini one or a normal sized backpack that doesn’t cover your whole back like you’re going hiking (if you’re going hiking, buy a bag for hiking). A backpack can definitely be both a stylish and more convenient accessory to have and carry around with enough space for necessary things. Again, if you’re into neutral colors, try a black leather bag or vice versa, a neutral-colored bag that could go with every one of your outfits. Of course, don’t be afraid to wear more distinct colors if you want to experiment with your style!


This is a no brainer and an umbrella isn’t, of course, a significant accessory. However, it’s always delightful to also have a cute umbrella that is definitely a necessity this season here in Finland. If you feel like it, try finding one of those big and durable umbrellas with a thicker cup handle in a lovely color that compliments your style or the season (these ones can also handle the harsh winds). If it turns out that you’d have to carry it in your hand, you’d still look pretty stylish – and very autumny. A classic, though, would be the big, transparent umbrella that just looks lovely covered with rain.

If you’ve been thinking of an excuse to shop, here it is; go ahead and update your autumn wardrobe!

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