Your Abba Theme Song According to Your Zodiac Sign Part 1

Sadly, it seems that we still must wait for the new music to be released from the Swedish legend Abba. According to The Guardian and The Independent, the new songs will not be out until second half of 2019. But worry not, here is a little something for you while you are maybe still humming to the songs from Mamma Mia 2: Ever wondered which Abba songs suit you according to your zodiac sign? Let’s give it a look!


Head over Heels

The world is like a playing ground where she goes rushing/ Head over heels/ Setting the pace/ Running the gauntlet in a whirl of lace/ She's extreme if you know what I mean

Passionate Aries pushes through obstacles every day, sometimes notwithstanding what others think or say. Besides telling someone that they should focus on their own opinions when Aries is not present, the Ram is also good at almost child-like frankness and optimism without second thoughts, so other recommendations include When I Kissed the Teacher and Voulez-Vouz.


Lay All Your Love on Me

I feel a kind of fear/ When I don't have you near/ Unsatisfied, I skip my pride/I beg you dear/ Don't go wasting your emotion/ Lay all your love on me

Taurus likes to think they are sensible, but when jealousy and possessiveness kicks in, it would be more than rational for their SO to not share their devotion to someone else. When making up their mind, the bull is more stubborn than a donkey, but on the other hand they are also willing to work a lot for a relationship and not giving up on their soulmates for a single quarrel. Thus, other fitting songs could be Take a Chance on Me or One Man, One Woman.


Me and I

We're like sun and rainy weather/ Sometimes we're a hit together/ Me and I/ Gloomy moods and inspiration/ We're a funny combination/ Me and I

While maybe not the most well-known song from Abba, this one fits the multi-faceted and capricious Gemini so well it had to be chosen. It’s like Jekyll and Hide are living inside one person – a person who enjoys the general wittiness, quirkiness and playfulness of lyrics. For the jesting and manipulating Twin it is I Am the City or Two for the Price of One, and for the party animal who deep inside just wants to run away from his emotions it’s Summer Night City.



Chiquitita, tell me the truth/ I'm a shoulder you can cry on/ Your best friend, I'm the one you must rely on

Cancer can always be relied on when you need emotional support, sympathy or advice. When Cancer says they’ve also been there done that, it is easy to believe. Furthermore, Cancer is at their best and most powerful when dealing with the emotions of others rather than those of themselves. When letting go of something dear becomes a necessity, the Crab is prone to clinginess, building fences and dwelling in bittersweet nostalgia. The remorseful melancholy can be heard in The Winner Takes It All or Slipping through My Fingers.


Dancing Queen

With a bit of rock music/ Everything is fine/ You're in the mood for a dance/ And when you get the chance/ You are the dancing queen

This one needs no explanations. Leo is the queen, or the king and they know that. It doesn’t hurt if someone reminds them once in a while, though. As a benevolent person, Leo is nevertheless ready to help others to catch that joy of life, too, and although flattered will definitely warn them not to get too enchanted by his charisma. Try Rock ’n’ Roll Band or Honey, Honey.


I’m a Marionette

Can't complain, I've got no-one but myself to blame/ Something's happening I can't control, lost my hold, is it safe?/ I'm a marionette, just a marionette, pull the string/ I'm a marionette, everybody's pet, just as long as I sing

This eerie piece reflects the side of Virgo that easily feels used and insecure, even when chasing their dreams. It might also depict the hysterical feelings that follow when organized Virgo realizes that they are not in control of their emotions. Virgo has conflicts between the sincere will to be there for others and feeling like a martyr. These kinds of feelings are also present in the equally odd sounding piece My Mama Said. For a more balanced, rational Virgo, it’s songs like the systematical Knowing Me, Knowing You.

Cannot find your sign here? Don't worry, part 2 is here!


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