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Why Helsinki Is Not Grey but Instalicious

Whenever tourists happen upon this weather-ridden, godforsaken small town and ask for some recommendations on what to see and do, Helsinkians will be the first ones to look a bit lost, mumble something about the two churches and conclude their summary with something akin to “but really there’s not much to see and we are so terribly sorry”.


Or, well. True up to a point. Granted, we don’t have Major Sights like the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, or even “World’s Longest Outdoor Escalator” (in Hong Kong which, to be perfectly honest, was NOT all that).  But let’s be honest here: have sights ever been one of your favorite travel memories? 

In fact, Helsinki is a city to experience, and it will give you one of the best backdrops for whatever shenanigans you have in mind. There is always, always so much to see. Especially if you’re into buildings. So archilovers, heed my Helsinki call. Here are the crown jewels of a few neighborhoods:


For: Uni students and staff roaming around campus, our president, tourists who appreciate some peace and quiet, lazy Sunday walks.


For: Well-to-do hipsters, bankers, old-money old people, café dwellers, park-goers.

CITY CENTRE (Kamppi, Kluuvi, Kaartinkaupunki):

For: Oh, everyone. We don’t really judge.

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