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Summer is steadily winding down, and as we welcome the colourful autumn months it’s back to business as usual!

This term, Her Campus at Helsinki readers are in for a treat, as we will continue to publish articles about interesting, exciting and current hot topics. Kicking off the semester with some motivational back-to-school articles, together we will begin on a path of discovery with some fabulously informative — and entertaining —  articles about culture, history, feminism, health, fashion, relationships, and so many more topics related to surviving being a student in the big city!

A new semester means new beginnings, including new exciting prospects, and we will be setting out on this journey with two new Campus Correspondents: Carmen Eskin & Eeva Savolainen. 

Be sure to keep yourself informed and properly entertained by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where we will regularly post links to our most current articles.

Also, if you are interested in joining us here at HCH, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail hc.helsinki@hercampus.com. We are always looking for enthusiastic writers, photographers and social media contributors to join our team!

We hope that the semester ahead of us will be at least as exciting as the previous one!

Stay tuned!


Carmen & Eeva


An English major, Campus Correspondent, feminist and aspiring literary scholar.
Carmen Eskin

Helsinki '22

I'm a postgraduate student of English philology and English literature at the Univerisity of Helsinki. Terry Pratchett is my one true love.
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