Unconventional Beauty Tips

We all know about the 100 brush strokes before going to bed, never wearing both gold and silver at the same time, and the magical attributes of cucumber. But beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and can thus be enhanced in much stranger ways! I decided to list a few less known beauty tips I've gathered along the way just to prove that some wrongs can make a right...

1. Skip the shampoo next time you step into the shower – your hair will thank you. Washing your hair daily will only strain it. My hair has always been quite thin and lifeless, but after I began limiting my shampoo use to roughly 3-4 times I week, people started complimenting my voluminous locks and the condition of my hair – I was dumbfounded!

2. Usually sleeping with make-up on is a no-no, but there is an exception – smoky eyes. The sexiest, most dramatic eye make-up can be achieved by brushing black mascara on your eyelashes before going to bed. You'll wake up with a look so edgy that even Effy from Skins would be envious.

3. Make your style memorable by throwing in something that doesn't quite fit in. Being all matchy-matchy might be a safe bet, but if you want to make your look more interesting, add something that creates a contrast. A messy bed head might be just what you need to turn that preppy dress into an edgy outfit, and a mini-skirt will look all the more appealing with some manly apparel, such as loafers or a felt hat.

4. Do something embarrassing. Make mistakes. People find it attractive. Studies have shown that showing signs of embarrassment cause others to think of you as trustworthy and likeable and are a strong motivation behind flirtation by playful teasing. You might think acting all cool and femme fatale is the only way to appear attractive but showing the human side of yourself will actually do the trick!

5. Wear a scent that is so not meant for your age and/or gender. We all know what powerful triggers smells are: they can instantly make you remember certain places and times and work as personal signatures to be remembered by. This is why choosing a unique perfume might be a good idea – something that feels ‘you’ and isn't necessarily worn by every second person walking past on the street. Find a scent that you truly love to wear and forget all the boundaries!

6. Beauty comes from believing yourself to be beautiful. Stressing about your outward appearance is pointless if your inner self doesn't feel comfortable and healthy. Nothing is more beautiful than a genuine smile and happiness must come from within. So the next time your inner voice is insulting your appearance, silence it with positive affirmations. Make a list about all the things you like about yourself as a person. Be good to yourself. Happiness is the best accessory you can wear.