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UK Travel Destinations to Visit if you Love Period Piece Dramas

As a lover of all things history, two of my favourite things to do are travelling to historic sites and binge-watching historical dramas. If your interests are the same, read on for some travel inspo! 

  1. Outlander

Outlander is fast becoming one of the most critically acclaimed period piece dramas, and these locations will help you live out your 18th century Scottish fantasies. (You will have to find your own kilted Scottish man, however). 

Doune Castle, Perthshire

Ken Fitzpatrick, Flickr.

This imposing castle was built near Stirling in the 14th century and stands in for Outlander’s Castle Leoch.


Rannoch Moor

Piotr Gaborek, Flickr.

Rannoch Moor is the location where Claire travels back in time through the stone circle, and it looks like a lovely place to enjoy even in the present.


Glencorse Old Kirk, Midlothian

SarahnBob wiseman, Flickr

In the foothills of the Pentland moors stands the church where Claire and Jamie got married!


Midhope Castle


WikiMedia Commons

Built in the 16th century, this delipidated house in the hamlet of Abercorn is Jamie’s estate, Broch Tuarach, in the show. 2.Downton Abbey

Although not on the air anymore, Downton Abbey had some amazing filming locations that captured the opulence of the English gentry in the mid-war period.


Highclere Castle

By Richard Munckton, WikiMedia Commons

Currently the home of the eighth Earl of Carnarvon and his wife, this was the setting for Downton Abbey and is open during the summer for visitors.


Byfleet Manor

Mark Percy, via Wikimedia Commons

Home to fan favourite The Dowager Countess in the show, the manor can be reserved for private events and afternoon tea.

3. Poldark

A seriously underrated show in my opinion, Poldark is based on the bestselling books by Winston Graham.

Botallack, West Cornwall


By Andrew Bone, via Wikimedia Commons

Botallack’s mines star in the show, with West Wheal Owles as Wheal Leisure mine and Wheal Crowns as Grambler.


Bodmin Moor

Raimond Spekking, WikiMedia Commons

The exterior of Nampara is shot here as well as the miner’s cottages.

4. Peaky Blinders

If watching this gritty drama about Birmingham gangs in the 1920s doesn’t appeal to you, I really don’t know what will.

Admiral Grove, Liverpool


By Lipinski, from Wikimedia Commons

The street where the Shelbys live in Birmingham is actually a street in Liverpool!

Arley Hall, Cheshire

By Pixie2000, via Wikimedia Commons

The grand estate has been open to the public since the 1960s, and is the location of Tommy’s new residence.

5. Vikings

Vikings is a beautifully shot TV show with some amazing characters (some of it is even based on actual historical events, although it’s hard to know what they did exactly)

Lough Tay


Schcambo, WikiMedia Commons

Lough Tay was one of the main filming locations for the first few seasons of the show, and was the setting for the Viking village.

Nun’s Beach, County Kerry


Luther 1968

This beach was the setting for Northumbria

6. Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife is one of UK’s most popular TV shows, as it manages to combine heart-warming storylines with historically accurate social and cultural changes in post-WW2 Britain.

The Historical Dockyard


Nigel Chadwick, via Wikimedia Commons

The dockyard has a number of Georgian and Victorian buildings that make it the perfect setting for the midwives district.


Manor House, Long Cross Film Studios

Dycken999, flickr

The show scrambled to find a new location in 2013 after the previous house used as the home of the nuns and midwives was converted into flats. This location has certainly done the trick.

Seeing as we can’t travel back in time (yet), visiting some of these locations is the next best thing. Happy travels!

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