Tulliniemi: A Path to the Southernmost Spot in Finland

Only a few years ago Hanko opened a path to the southernmost part of Finland. This lovely nature path goes first towards the seaside. Nice sea wind blows and the sunshine makes the waves glow. After a kilometer the path goes into the woods. Each unique pine tree creates beautiful scenery on the way. Despite the eye pleasing nature, this road is tricky at times and demands full ability to walk. When you are making your way to the spot you can find signs at the side of the road, which will tell you the history of Tulliniemi and other information about the area.  

Photo by Maarit Rope 


The path is 6.7 kilometres altogether. It is a good idea to bring a snack and hot chocolate with you when you want to have a break. The wind coming from the sea can be strong, so it is recommended to prepare for that according to how much cold breeze you can handle. Remember to stay at the road marked by white polls because the nature around the path is delicate and it is an important area to many endangered species. Also the spot makes for a resting place for birds and bats going away for the winter or coming back for the summer.     

Take your friends or family with you to experience the Hanko nature at its finest and spend some nice bonding time together!