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Three Easy DIY Ideas and Crafts to Kill Some Time and to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Even if it would still look a bit gloomy and rainy outside, you can already tell the spring is finally here! After changing the clocks last weekend, it is no wonder if it seems like the days are becoming longer and longer. The increased amount of light outside, and the warming spring sun are just some of the great reasons to try out these three easy ideas and crafts that can help you invite the spring into your home and get yourself ready for the approaching summer season. Here are some easy DIY ideas and crafts you might not have tried yet: 


1. Trendy Flowerpots From Recycled Milk Cartons

Have you also noticed that big part of your household waste consists mainly of carton boxes? Now you can easily reduce the amount of your waste by recycling your old milk cartons and decorate your home with these lovely DIY flowerpots. By following the four easy steps on How to do everything -blog you can see how it is done!

Further tips: 

If you already have a plant which has grown too big(!!) for its pot, you can easily divide it into a new one by separating its roots. Make sure you water both of the parts carefully before adding new soil. Also, remember to place both plants somewhere they can get enough sunlight. Of course, if you’re not sure which plants can be grown new from the roots, there’s always more info online at sites like The spruce which can give essential tips on the first stages of plant-growing.


2. Let the Light in with a Little Re-Arranging and Fresh Air

If you’re crazy like me, you’ve already done this three times since the COVID-19 Outbreak (oops), but re-arranging your furniture is very healthy for the mind, and is generally a very practical thing to do as the seasons change. For example, get rid of the big, dark, thick curtains blocking your view of nature, which are also blocking the sunlight from getting in. Move your bed closer to the window – it makes waking up much easier, for one thing.

Further tips:

There are so many useful and economic things you can do. Nothing lasts forever, including dry foods like spices, which can become tasteless and greasy if left around for too long. If the food has long since gone off, get rid of it, but if like me you find your cupboards have all this rice, flour, and tea lying around that’s perfectly good, why bother buying more at the shops? Like above, a clean cupboard makes for a healthy mind in anxious times.

Further Further tips:

Lots of things go off that you might not even think of, like bathroom products: soap; shampoo; make-up – so basically everything!


3. Get Your Things in Order with DIY Storage Jars

As we all probably know, everyone has lots of little things that seem to lie around no matter how many times you rearrange them. One easy way of getting all your odds and ends into the same place is to start reusing your old pasta sauce cans or olive jars and turn them into handy DIY storages! Just wash and clean the jars to get rid of all the food bits or smells and start rearranging your things! You can find more inspiration for your jars from Jay diy blog’s website.

Further tips:

If you feel like a class jar would look a bit plain and dull, you can decorate the jars with almost anything! Old tubes of paint or permanent markers come in handy here! Also, if you prefer more classical look, you should try writing similar name tags and tape them onto the jars to make them look classy. 

Hello! I am a language enthusiast studying at the Helsinki university. In my writings, I always try to use current topics, and I especially enjoy writing about DIY and crafts ideas!
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