Things to Do, Read and Watch This Weekend

To round off our Women’s Day week, here are some vaguely feminism-related things to enjoy this weekend!

1. Listen to Double X Gabfest.

If you’re into podcasts, feminism and culture and you’re not yet listening to DoubleX, what are you even doing? Part of Slate magazine’s podcast network, the bi-weekly show features host Hanna Rosin with Noreen Malone and June Thomas discussing gender and current topics. It’s the perfect thing to listen to while enjoying a lazy weekend breakfast.

2. Read Bloom by Estée Lalonde.

Books written by popular Youtubers are everywhere now, and as someone who spends literally every waking moment online, I kind of love that. Bloom is a beautiful book both visually and content-wise, offering Lalonde’s thoughts and advice on things like life, fashion and relationships.

3. (Re)watch some Gilmore Girls.

I know I’m more than a decade late to the party, but I’m only watching this cult show for the first time, and despite flaws like obvious lack of representation, it’s entertaining enough for a relaxing Sunday-afternoon binge-watch. Bonus points for the opportunity to relive all those cringy 00’s fashion moments all over again.

4. Take a local election quiz to find your candidate.

Voting is so important for furthering gender equality and even just maintaining the rights we have already won. Local elections may not seem like a massively exciting thing but it’s also not very hard so you might as well do it. Take a quiz or two to find the right candidate for you, for example with YLE or Helsingin Sanomat.

5. Go for coffee or lunch with your friends.

There are many big issues regarding gender equality and feminism, but there are also small things you can do every day and maintaining and cherishing supportive (female) friendships is one of them. Get together, talk about how awesome you are, make a plan to save the world.

Have a relaxing weekend!