There Is No One Around but Music with Deep Lyrics

A famous Turkish psychologist Doğan Cüceloğlu talks about the six effective stages of communication a.k.a “scopes of witness”. In his own words, he talks about the importance of this especially in a child’s life. However, it has an important place in adults’ lives, too.

When he talks about the stages, he pays close attention to the word “witness.” According to him, communication has a part where when people “witness” other people’s existence, they feed one another’s need of being heard, seen and accepted, but what happens when there is no one around who will “witness” and fulfill one’s basic needs of recognition, acceptance and attention? An important channel steps in: music - songs, poems composed to be sung.

When you listen to soul-nourishing music – whatever it might be for you – there comes an occasion when you feel like one line hits you and you are “seen” and “heard” and somebody witnesses you and your emotions. Those who live alone could possibly relate to this especially during the times we are in when it’s harder for someone else to “witness” our emotions or state of being, we might feel more isolated. However, I suggest that the next time you come home alone and there is no one to share your feelings with, pay close attention to the lyrics. It might just be a note, a line or you might not even need to pay attention to become aware of it. And when it happens, pause for a moment and be in the moment to take in all the emotions the music gives you and realize how you can feel noticed by someone far far away alive or dead; by the author of that piece.

Communication can take place without communicating with “anyone” but someone who has already translated your emotions into music. Next time you tune in, you might feel heard, seen and as if someone gave you a sound reaction on the dot.