Study Stress and Difficulties

Whether you are working on your thesis or tackling more mundane assignments, occasionally the study load may seem overwhelming for various reasons. For instance, the abundance of fascinating courses combined with limited time can elicit feelings of inadequacy. Taxing relationships can equally have a negative impact on one’s study motivation. Lack thereof may similarly be explained by a fading interest in a specific field of study, rigorous studies accompanied by a part-time job as well as insufficient rest and sleep. Career prospects are also an understandable cause of uncertainty for soon-to-be graduating students, just to name a few factors possibly hindering one’s well-being. Overall, the reasons for study-related anxiety are manifold and versatile.

A variety of obligations and obstacles can indeed take its toll on students, also in the form of diverse learning difficulties. Personally, I struggle with internalizing, processing and applying complex information in an efficient manner. In other words, reading and writing academic texts have become somewhat painstaking endeavors to embark on. Since university relies heavily upon reading, my frustrations in absorbing and arranging information are blatant. The requirement and my own desire to properly comprehend intricate entities and to produce well thought out writings often feels smothering. When drowning in distressing workload, it is problematic to distinguish learning difficulties or mental problems from mere thoroughness, a pursuit of excellence. Coupled with perfectionism, even systematic study can result in a burn out, for it is debilitating to continuously confront one’s shortcomings. Surrounded by these countless demands, I can only wistfully look back on childhood days when reading books and writing stories was first and foremost a pleasure.

Despite these grim reflections, I feel enthusiastic about my current studies and conscious of the fortunate situation I’m in. In fact, focusing on a Master’s thesis temporarily allows me to isolate myself from others in a gratifying manner. A full-time dedication to a specific topic certainly feels liberating, uncomplicating my life in several ways. Being able to compartmentalize my attention in such a way is actually a bliss bound to end. After graduation, it’s time for relationships and job opportunities.