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Some Tips for When You’re Feeling Really Unattractive

Autumn is here, and that means busy days filled with studying, countless Zoom meetings, more studying, naps, some more Zoom, visiting the library, more studying... It's that new semester craziness again, with the Covid-19 sitch making things extra exhausting. It's so so so normal to feel tired, exhausted, drained, and... unattractive. For me, at least, these things go hand in hand. Here's a list of things to make you feel better and prettier and all that jazz without any disgusting diet culture rhetoric!

Dress Up

Dressing up can be really empowering. Put on your fave outfit, play around with makeup or do something new with your hair! Sky's the limit, really. Sometimes, dressing up for yourself can be just what you need to feel a bit better.

Take Care of Yourself

What makes you feel good? Get your nails done or put on a face mask (not the pandemic-kind, the this-makes-me-feel-pretty-kind). Go for a run. Take a nap. Bake a cake and actually eat it! If you feel like you need some support, consider therapy. Whatever it is you need to do to feel better, take the time to do it. 

Play with Your Gender Expression

Obviously, this is not something everyone feels comfortable about, but if you want to try, say, short hair or nailpolish or whatever it is that you yearn for, go for it! Do you want to look more masculine? More feminine? More androgynous? That's cool, and completely valid. It's alright to explore.

Take a Break

Studying is exhausting, and it's super easy to slip into a grumpy, tired mood, so just remember to take breaks. Read a book, watch some Netflix or sleep for a bit. Do some yoga. Whatever it is that makes you feel more comfy and relaxed, go ahead and do it. You're allowed to rest.

Allow Yourself Not to Feel Fantastic

Sometimes we feel grumpy and unattractive and all that, and it's completely OK. Absolutely no one is happy about their appearance 100 percent of time. There are a lot of things that are more important, but at the same time, it's completely alright to prioritize things that make you feel attractive (as long as they're good for you).

Helsinki Contributor
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