Saturday Self-Love


The best relationship that one can have is very close. It is the relationship with yourself. Take time this Saturday to maintain and take care of that relationship. Make the time and space for you.  

In a work-oriented society, it is so easy to forget to rest when everyone is working like there is no tomorrow. Setting boundaries is as important as taking action and saying yes. 

The key is to take it easy. You deserve to relax and have time to chill and wind down. First take a moment to appreciate yourself. Put your left hand at your heart center, on your chest and take a few deep breaths. Notice the rising and falling of the chest. Focus on breathing deep and feel the breath in your lower tummy. You can put your other hand on your stomach to feel the movement of breath. You have a body, this amazing laboratory that allows you to move and live this life.  

Then set the intentions for the day. For example, today I will completely relax and take a nap around noon. Or I will dedicate the day for making facials and a foot bath. Or I will read my favorite book/watch a favorite movie. Or I will focus on creating by painting/writing/singing/dancing just for myself. If you don’t know what to do, ask yourself is there anything that you have been wanting to read/watch but didn’t have the time? Or you have been wanting to do but always forgot about it? Now is your time to fulfill that promise. 

After becoming clear with your intentions set the environment to support that. Put your phone on silent or plane mode to avoid disturbance and using social media. If you want to spend the day indoors, make room for yourself in a comfortable couch or another spot. Light up candles, put on your favorite music (my favorites are r&b, K-pop and kundalini mantra music), take out the stuff you need to follow your intention. Let your feminine energy flow and enjoy your day-off dedicated to yourself. 

Of course, you can practice doing nothing, lay on the floor or bed and simply be in the moment. Listening to the silence and space gives a good break to your mind. For the non-doing has a deep healing effect, although it can be very difficult to not to do anything when we are so used to the opposite to that. 

Now, decide your way of manifesting self-love on Saturday and have fun!