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Same-Sex Marriage Now Legal in Finland

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Helsinki chapter.

I took a while but finally we’re here: today Finland became the 22nd country in the world where same-sex couples can legally get married. The law was passed in 2015, but today is the day when marriages can actually take place.

The law is especially significant because it started as a petition and moved on to be considered by the parliament after gaining over 100,000 signatures. This set an impressive precedent for other petitions to follow.

Marriage may not be the first thing on a busy collegiette’s mind now or ever, but it’s good to know you can now marry whoever you wish, regardless of the gender of your partner. Now that this is dealt with, maybe we can take a look at the pretty awful way the Finnish legal system treats transgender people, and take the next step towards a truly equal society.

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