Precious Moments While Traveling

While traveling abroad, certain fleeting moments have stood out and left their marks on me. They have occured as mere states of mind inspired by unforeseen or breathtaking sights. Despite my possible absent-mindedness at the time, I now foster a fascination for these engaging experiences, conscious of their fragility. It is thought-provoking how blatantly weather, seasons, view and emotional state intertwine in these delicate memories. I attempt to portray a few of them, whether or not they depict light-hearted or melancholic sentiments.

A lifetime ago, it seems, I took a trip from Barcelona to Madrid during the most dreadful heatwave of the summer, and this solitary adventure blew me away. There I was, in a vibrant city with an old-fashioned tourist map in my hand, observing my surroundings with electrified curiosity. I remember sitting on a bus with cool wind in my hair, relishing the exhilarating freedom of youth. The bliss of exploration felt oddly unprecedented. Although the heat felt excruciating at times, the stuffy air and burning sun are engraved in my memory as authentic and integral features of that vitalizing weekend.

I was blessed with another taste of freedom during a train ride from Vienna to Venice, as the mountainous landscapes left an undiminished impression on me. Although I was not astounded by the gloomy weather in March, the vernal sceneries filled me with bewilderment. I was deeply taken by the Alps, marvelling at their grandeur through the window. There was also an air of anticipation, a thrill of creativity entwined with wild euphoria. Simultaneously, I found soothing comfort in the mesmerizing landscapes passing before my eyes. I belonged to that window seat, and the serenity of my mind depended on the length of the train ride.

I equally remember commuting by the Stockholm subway, agitated about the upcoming work assignments. The frosty mornings were accompanied by heavy darkness, burdening me more severely than ever before. The unpleasant weather and climate consumed my despair-ridden mind, filling my head with disheartening thoughts. I recall crossing the bridge of Gamla Stan at sunrise, however, perplexed by the beauty of historical buildings glowing in sudden light. The first snow is equally imprinted on my memory, marking the changing of the seasons. In retrospect, I have agonizing yet nostalgic sentiments of this demanding phase in my life.

Each of these examples is linked to public transport, illustrating my most cherished places on earth. These experiences depict the contradictory delight of sitting still in a moving vehicle, allowing the stream of imagination run through my mind. I am captivated by this dreamy atmosphere, by taking in the stunning sceneries while drowning myself in music. Indeed, I yearn to absorb the details of exquisite nature and architecture while engaging in self-reflection. Traveling encompasses moving from one place to another, and the motion itself is precious to me. I long for this feeling of in-betweenness with its reassuring effect, alleviating my anxiety significantly.

Although traveling abroad is appealing and stimulating, there is plenty of splendour to appreciate without leaving one’s home country. These compelling experiences can in some ways be attained even by wandering around in enchanting surroundings.