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Paris Diary under COVID-19

The current year has changed all of our lives more than radically, and for many it seems like the days of quick weekend trips and new experiences on the other side of the world might be the in the past. Many countries have imposed ristrictions for people travelling in order to stop the worldwide pandemic, and some do not recommend it at all for its residents. 

I moved from Finland to Paris three months ago to do an internship, during the summer of lost holiday plans and trips, despite the recommendations of staying at home and avoiding all physical contact.

Back in Finland, the numbers have very different compared to the ones here in France during this year, and the idea of moving abroad felt like a crazy plan,  almost impossible. Not only that it seems like travelling has become a tabu lately. 

When my plane finally departed and the moving day arrived, the feeling of leaving home and heading to the airport terminal seemed very foreign. With such strict rules and measurements here in Paris, and the lack of socialising and leaving the house as I would normally do, It took me a month to actually start feeling  like I had moved abroad. Also, none of my friends were even planning on doing trips of their own.

My life in Paris has finally settled, but the numbers have been going up during recent weeks, and the feeling of knowing that I might have to return to my home country any time seems more likely every day. So, while I live here, working Monday to Friday, exploring the city on Saturday, relaxing on Sunday, I have been very fortunate having the possibility to make this big move. However, I still count the days I spend here, fearing that the worst will happen and I will have to return home prematurely.

Hello! I am a language enthusiast studying at the Helsinki university. In my writings, I always try to use current topics, and I especially enjoy writing about DIY and crafts ideas!
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