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I went to check out a night club named Skohan. It is located in the heart of Helsinki, just opposite the railway station, in City Center 3rd floor. The club is famous for its connection to Jare Tiihonen, also known as the rap artist Cheek. Tiihonen owns a part of the club, which has drawn some attention to the place. Beside the fame, I have to give a big plus for convenient and easy-to-find location. 

As I approached the club with my friends we saw that luckily we wouldn’t need to wait in line. The staff was very friendly and helpful, which is not always reality. I have had pretty bad experience with rude staff at a bar but this night we received good service. 

They played some iconic songs and also other dance-appropriate pop-songs. The dance floor was quite big but it was full due to many other enthusiastic dancers. Besides dance floor they also had a separate area for karaoke. You could choose a song to sing alone or with your friend but singing with your whole crew was also fine. 

Photo by Mark Angelo, taken from pexel.com


If you didn’t feel like dancing or singing you could easily find a place to sit and chat. To get your alcohol needs met, they had many counters where to order drinks. Like in every Finnish night club and bar the drinks were expensive. Pre-drinks are a must, so to speak. 

Although the entrance fee was quite high, 15 euros and a separate fee for cloakroom, there were things that surprised us. Almost every door lock in the ladies room was broken, meaning that you needed a personal bodyguard to stand in front of the door to make sure you have a private toilet experience. In the seating area they had some broken chairs which could have been dangerous to use. 

The instagram generation did have their chance to upload some cute pictures taken from the club. They had a flower wall and nice lighting just for that! 

In the end beside the glory that stems from the reference of the great Cheek and the flower wall for pictures, it was quite a basic club that you can find anywhere in Helsinki. Still, I think I will go there again just for the vibe of the place. 

FYI If you want to avoid the youngest club goers, Skohan have K20 nights from Friday to Sunday.

I am studying theology in the University of Helsinki. My interests vary from Asian culture to spirituality and self growth. I hope I can share the stories, people and new thoughts about the world and write enjoyable articles.
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