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New Tunes for September – Three Female Artists from This Year’s Flow Festival lineup

Who doesn’t love discovering new music? I know I do. In fact, quite recently I had the opportunity to spend an entire weekend at Flow Festival listening to artists I had long yearned to hear play live but also artists I had never encountered before. This year’s lineup was definitely centered more on the hiphop and RnB music and artists, but there was, nevertheless, a big variety to choose from. Without going any deeper into it, this year’s Flow Festival was truly a magical experience, and I certainly get the hype. I had the most fun weekend of my summer holiday and now I will share my three choices from the festival’s lineup this year. 

Silvana Imam

Imam is a Swedish hiphop artist of Lithuanian and Syrian descent. Her lyrics discuss topics such as racism, feminism, and Islam. She also openly addresses what it’s like being gay.  Furthermore, her songs tell the story of how she grew up being different from other kids and her youth. Imam raps in Swedish and she has a very distinct style, which might not be to everyone’s liking, but I think most people will find her attitude and audacity to speak up admirable and perhaps even inspiring.

  • Svär på min mamma
  • Tänd Alla Ljus
  • Hon Va

Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen is a singer-songwriter from the Midwest of U.S. She released her third full-length album My Woman about a year ago. Olsen definitely falls into the indie rock category, but she incorporates elements from folk rock, blues and a bit from country music into her style. Not only does she sing but she also plays the guitar, which affirms her image as a folk rock musician. Her style is a reminiscent of the golden era of classic rock, but the inclusion of synthesisers here and there create a link to dream pop and shoe gaze, which is a typical element for indie rock. My Woman has received a lot of praise for its essential theme being the perpetual question: “What is it like to be a woman and what does it mean?”

  •  “Give It Up
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Intern

Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia is the alter ego of the 25-year old hiphop and alternative R&B artist Destiny Frasqueri. Frasqueri grew up in New York City round the Lower East Side and Spanish Harlem, both being an influence on her style. She currently performs as Princess Nokia and her style could be described as a melange of African rhythms, hip-hop beats, jazzy vibes, and electronic synth-pop. Frasqueri’s lyrics tell her own story and she is very unapologetic about her looks, for one. Her lyrics can be found empowering and inspiring, since they tell the story of a woman who refuses to be anyone or anything else to please others – it is the story of a woman being proud and comfortable as she is. 

  • Brujas
  • Kitana
  • G.O.A.T.


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