Naked Musical Doesn’t Take Things Too Seriously

Alastomat kundit lavalla (Naked guys singing) musical revue entertains and makes you laugh. Warning: some of the songs might get stuck in your head.

A Finnish production of an Off-Broadway musical Naked Guys Singing (Alastomat kundit lavalla) got its premiere at bar Hercules in Helsinki. It’s directed by Jermo Grundström and choreographed by Jyri Numminen. The cast of five men, Aleksi Parviainen, Kim Gustafsson, Kristoffer Ignatius, Ville Mustonen and Valtteri Turunen, performs completely nude.

In case someone in the audience did not yet notice the cast is naked, the first musical number points it out. However, it doesn’t make the audience feel uncomfortable. In fact, if they stopped singing about it you might even forget they are not wearing clothes. Nudity is not the main focus point but a powerful effect. The show is filled with humor and self-irony. Laughing is allowed, even encouraged. And sure enough, one can’t stop smiling the entire duration of the show.

The musical is a series of scenes and musical numbers and doesn’t have a storyline. It deals with current issues with a sense of humor. No topic is too sensitive. There are songs about homosexuality, body pressure, erections and even one that contains at least a dozen different names for penis. The humorous numbers make cheeks blush and people laugh.

If anyone had any doubts before, an impressive choreography while singing a disco song convinced the audience that these guys can dance. And sing. Every now and then a ballad changes the mood to more serious, but only for a while. As the next number comes along the audience goes right back to laughing out loud.

Disclaimer: The play is in Finnish. The musical premiered November 1st and there will be shows until beginning of December.

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Photos by Mathieu Topsi