My Four Top Authors

There’s nothing better than a good book. It can open your mind to new ideas and make you learn about yourself. Here are my top authors I always go back to. The list is in no particular order. 


1.    Lucinda Riley

The author of The Seven Sisters is an amazing storyteller. Her speciality is to make two stories into one book. In the Seven sister series, Riley plays with the past and present, offering one story from history and one about current matters. The characters have drama happening in their lives but not too much that it would be obscure. Riley's way of building the storyline keeps reading very interesting and fresh. You just have to keep reading until the book is finished. 


2.    Tommy Hellsten

Hellsten is an author who writes from human to human. He has tackled topics like god, relationships, good life, life's paradoxies, what pain teaches us and more. He knows how to write in a down to earth manner, keeping the text understandable and deep at the same time. You will always learn something new about life and yourself, or gain a different perspective when you read his works. His newest book Ihmisen näköinen elämä is continuing the theme of how to live a good and fullfilling life without fear and regrets. 


3.    Paulo Coelho

Coelho's books always have a moral teaching to the story. The stories can be tragic and have deep meaning behind the plots and characters. Coelho makes a wonderful job at building the characters. They portray very human emotions, reactions and behaviours. It makes the reading interesting because you can reflect about yourself as you read. It can raises questions about how I, as a human, react to things. My favorite books from Coelho are The Devil and Miss Prym and The Alchemist


4.    Stephenie Meyer

As a hopeless romantic, I enjoyed Meyers Twilight Saga a lot. The books create a world of its own, where vampires and other fantasy creatures come alive. The love story of a human and vampire can seem too teen genre, but for me it just describes many aspects of falling in love and giving yourself to someone, being vulnerable and choosing love although it is not always supported by outer, nor inner, factors. I must say, the books are very much better than the movies.