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Meet our new Campus Correspondents: Esther Veas & Milka Nissinen!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Helsinki chapter.

The new academic year is upon us, and Her Campus at Helsinki has two new #girlbosses running our chapter! We sat down for a chat about all things HC, and got to know Milka Nissinen and Esther Veas a bit better.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves: what do you study, how did you get involved in HC? Any interesting hobbies?

Esther: I am studying Media and Global Communication, and I’m about to start my second year. I actually can’t remember the moment I learnt about Her Campus; all I know is I planned to join already before arriving to Helsinki last August, so I made a beeline for their stand at the Opening Carnival where all associations present themselves, and the rest is history!

When I’m not at uni or work, I’m usually attending choir rehearsals, playing piano, baking or reading.

Milka: I’m currently finishing off my master’s studies in English philology. It’s bittersweet since I’ve really enjoyed my time in uni, but I’m also excited to see what comes next. The first time I heard about HC was a couple of years back, when I stumbled upon the website and noticed that they were recruiting. Back then I was still so unsure of my skills as a writer that I didn’t join the team. Last year, however, I spent a semester interning for an online newspaper in New York City, and so after I got back to Finland and saw the ad for new HC writers I immediately decided to join.

With uni and my part-time work there really isn’t too much free time, but I really like hanging out at home cooking and reading. I also love going to the movies and out for drinks with friends.

How does it feel to be the new Campus Correspondents for Her Campus at Helsinki? Excited?

Esther: We have had a fantastic year with our previous Campus Correspondents, Aino and Mari, so we definitely feel like we have some big shoes to fill. But I am very excited for the challenges to come! We’ve spent the summer brainstorming and planning some cool things which I personally can’t wait to get started with.

Milka: Like Esther said, Aino and Mari have set the bar really high! It takes a lot of work for a chapter as small as ours to stay on the Pink Level, so we definitely have our work cut out for us. Still, I think we’re mostly just really excited of this opportunity and we’re already full of inspiration and new ideas.

What made you decide you wanted to become a Campus Correspondent?

Milka: Despite my first reaction of being doubtful whether I could do this, I quickly realized what an amazing opportunity this was in terms of experience, connections and just fun times, really. Knowing that I would have Esther by my side ultimately sealed the deal.

Esther: During my time at university, I’ve always tried to be active and participate in student organizations. When the previous CCs approached me about this, I jumped at the opportunity: it was definitely the right time to commit and go one step further! 

What are your plans for the Helsinki chapter of HC this semester?

Esther: We are planning a bunch of interesting events, such as a breast self-examination workshop or an excursion to this year’s Feminist Forum. 2017 is Finland’s 100th year of independence, too, so there will be something to celebrate that as well!

Milka: In addition to all the cool stuff Esther mentioned, we’d also love to organize excursions for our staff to possible future workplaces, such as magazines or publishing houses. It would be great to get some practical tips and learn some tricks of the trade from actual professionals!

It’s that time of the year again when everyone’s looking for a new hobby or a new club or organization to join. Any words of encouragement for people who might be thinking about joining the HC team but aren’t sure about it yet?

Milka: I waited too long to join HC, when really I should’ve done it the moment I saw the recruitment ad – if you’re in any way interested, don’t hesitate to come to our meetings to see what we are all about! We also offer something for everyone, whether it’s doing social media, photographing, illustrating or of course writing. HC is a great place for meeting new (international!) people and discussing and writing about things that are close to your heart.

Esther: In my experience, Her Campus Helsinki has been such a welcoming organization within the University of Helsinki! Especially as an international student, a completely English-speaking association where we can all brainstorm and bounce ideas off of each other is particularly empowering. But it’s not all about international students: we have a healthy mixture of Finns and foreigners, which also makes for internationalization at home!

Finally: tell us your best study tip and your favourite procrastination method.

Esther: My best study tip has definitely got to be writing to-do lists and all things organization. A good old physical planner and/or to-do list (even if it’s on scrap paper!) allows me to clearly lay out my study sessions and other commitments so that I can focus 100% on the task at hand.

As for procrastination… it’s definitely got to be Netflix or social media. I spend way too much time on YouTube and Instagram! I also “procrastibake” and tend to feel a sudden urge to clean and organize my house when I’m at peak stress levels.

Milka: For me the best way to get anything done study-wise is to get out of the house. I usually head out to the library whenever I have a deadline coming up, and sometimes I even set a study-date with a friend – we book a group study room for a couple of hours and make sure we both get stuff done. The best way to procrastinate is definitely eating (and watching Netflix at the same time!) Cleaning the house is also a classic, and sometimes I even go to the gym to avoid sitting in front of the computer.

Here’s to another great year of HC at Helsinki!

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