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March Makeover: Ditch Those Winter Colors!

It’s already March and we’re finally getting sunny weathers, which means that we can put away those dark and drab winter colors – both in our makeup palette as well as in our wardrobe.

Sunshine is best complemented by leaving your face natural and glowy rather than trying to cover it up with a thick layer of concealer, foundation and powder. Keep your eyebrows groomed, so that they will frame your face and give you a clean look. Coral and light pink lipstick is great for spring and summer, because it doesn’t distract from your face and look too harsh.

Clean and natural skin is the best foundation for your spring look. You can use a few strokes of a highlighter to accentuate the light on your face, making it glow. This will make you look healthy and happy, which is always a great thing! Brown mascara will make your eyes pop without being too dramatic or harsh, and a little dab of light pink blush will brighten up your look without looking too overwhelming or overdone.

Hair is also at its best when kept shiny and clean. Also, you can start learning those braids and updos on YouTube now, because they will look amazing against the simplicity of your makeup.

Bright colors are free to take over your wardrobe now that winter is over: turquoise, purple, corals, and yellows look amazing after the drab, colorless snowy season. Pastels can also brighten up your look if you’re not quite ready to embrace those bolder shades. Mint and light pink create a lovely, sweet look that just screams ice cream and cotton candy.

It’s also time to ditch those chunky knits (no matter how much we love them) and switch into T-shirts and denim shorts – paired with warm tights, of course. The 90s are still very much in, as are overalls and floral patterns. You can already pair floral dresses with tights, legwarmers, and edgy leather jackets – looking cute and keeping warm at the same time. Remember to also whip out those sunglasses, because you are guaranteed to be blinded out there in the sunshine without them (…okay, okay, maybe it’s not that sunny quite yet, but we can always hope, right?)

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