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A Look Back on the First Period of 2015

Now that the first teaching period of the year is over, it’s time to look back at all the fun things that happened – outside of class, of course.

1. Humanistispeksi: This year’s speksi was a great geek-inspired performance called Pe(i)li and it was brilliantly performed by our fellow humanist students. Gloria was packed but it was no wonder, the performance was amazing and one of our staff members was even performing.

2. SUB’s Overall Party: the English students threw a traditional overall party where we got to compare our patches and generally just have a good time. Below you can see some of our famous SUB patches.

3. Her Campus Survival Kit: We received our Spring Break Survival Kits and could not have been happier to get all these amazing goodies.

4. BTSB’s Newcomers’ Evening: Better Than Sliced Bread, the English students’ webzine, organized an evening filled with baked goods and writing workshops for newcomers and us older editors. The picture below shows the beginnings of my ham quiche.

5. SUB went to see Alien: SUB ry went to see the special screening of the Alien trilogy at Bio Rex.

An English philology major with a passion for reading and writing. I also like photography and wish I was better at it. If you're a fan of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Charmed or Buffy, we already have something in common.
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