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LinkedIn Workshop Recap: 3 Key Aspects to a Successful Job Search

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

Nothing better summarizes the LinkedIn workshop than Nelson Mandela’s words of wisdom given above. During the workshop, taking place on the 8th of November, with a wonderful speaker, Sanna Grannas, a career counselor at the University of Helsinki, we had a chance to talk about our career dreams, plans and how they can be achieved with the help of a LinkedIn presence as well as how to become appealing to recruiters. Through an informative presentation, interactive group work and warm but professional discussions, we have learned a lot of secrets about how to build a successful profile and in this article, we are going to share with you the most crucial ones.

Ask for recommendations

A recommendation is a must. What else can serve as proof of any work experience when a recruiter sees your application for the first time. If you were a volunteer at an event, ask your peer colleagues to write about you and your job performance. Believe us or not, but having people giving one of your skills an endorsement will absolutely make you look like a sociable, ambitious and active person. It is important to be an initiator and slowly but steadily increase your visibility. And if at times all seems so hard and unfair, take a deep breath and get back to improving yourself and your skills, but do not forget to record those improvements on your LinkedIn page. 


Whether you are searching for a job or still trying to make up your mind on which career direction to take, networking is the best friend you can ask for. Start talking to professionals now, ask questions, do not be afraid to look inexperienced or silly as only in this way you can actually find out a lot: from job opportunities, ins and outs of a particular sphere you are aiming to get in to skills you still need to have and a lot more. You can even end up making friends, finding a mentor or getting a job offer; just see how rewarding it is! Make use of a cold email, or the best option, call the companies and ask everything you want to know in a confident and curious manner. Soon you will notice that your connections, experience and chances to land a dream job will be growing!  

Be active

Procrastination is the thief of time and you should never forget this. If your aim is to find a permanent job or internship, what you should do is to be active. Whether you like it or on the contrary feel uncomfortable when acting fast, talking and making contacts, remember you will always have more job options to choose from as well as it will increase your chances to be noticed, to show what you are made of and therefore be hired. Bear in mind, keeping up with new job openings and, most importantly, acting quickly is what you will be thankful for right after achieving your goal.

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Helsinki-based, Anna is an MA graduate in English Philology, an inspirational corporate English trainer at goFluent professional training language school, and a former Campus Correspondent/writer/social media manager at HC Helsinki. When Anna is not teaching and running her language blog @annalina.eng , she can usually be found practicing chillout Hatha yoga and dancing energetic Zumba. 
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