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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Helsinki chapter.

Need some ideas for Christmas presents? Here are 4 different ideas for you to discover and then find the perfect gift for the one you are looking for! 


1. A Hand written letter

A letter is a perfect way to express your gratitude to the person you are writing it. In this letter you can tell honestly how you are feeling and most importantly say all the good characteristics and things the person has done to you, how they have inspired you or helped you. If you want to, you can read the letter to the person. If letter is not your thing or the person lives abroad you can record a voice message of the letter and send it to them on Christmas eve. It will surely give a smile to the person receiving it! 


2. Charity gift 

Why not give a gift that benefits more people than just one? Many sites offer different causes that you can to benefit by donating. For example Toisenlainen lahja (a different gift, Finnish Church foreign help) helps people living in Asia, Africa and Middle East. There you can for instance support by buying a scholarship to a girl. Also in Pelastakaa lapset (Save the Children) you can donate to help those in need in Finland. After choosing the cause you can send a digital or traditional card to the gift getter. A very easy and thoughtful gift. 


3. A Gift card

Classic gift. Choose an experience, treatment, shop and so on that is just right for the person you are giving it. Try to find a local business that offers the service that the gift getter would appreciate. Ideas for the business: a spa, hair salon, small shop for deco/games/art/books/DIY/etc. There are many options but if you can’t decide then go for one to some grocery store. That one would surely be used. Maybe a bit boring but a very practical gift. 


4. Bake a cake

Are you good at baking? A self-baked cake or other treat would be a perfect gift to give if you can meet the gift getter in person. For Christmas theme would suit gingerbread and bundt cake flavor of your choice. Surely a great tasting treat and your efforts will be highly valued. The best thing about a cake gift is that it will be gone soon and not take any space in the future. Also there is a chance that more than one person can enjoy it. 



Giving the gift is about the feeling of joy, not the actual gift. Try your best and remember that the thought is better than actual outcome! 


I am studying theology in the University of Helsinki. My interests vary from Asian culture to spirituality and self growth. I hope I can share the stories, people and new thoughts about the world and write enjoyable articles.
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