How to Make a Vision Board

Do you feel like you have many dreams but they are not present in your life? Or that you do not even know what you want in your life? Making a vision board can be then just what you need. If you have done this before, now could be the time to update your goals.

Vision boards can be a digital or a physical collage of pictures and words on a board. You can put words, quotes, pictures or anything that inspires you. To make a physical vision board, you will need cardboard, scissors, glue and magazines from which to cut your pictures. An easy way to find old magazines is to check around your home, go to flea markets and paper recycling boxes. 


When you have everything you need it is time to get to work. Look through the magazines. When you see an image or word that you want to have on your vision board, cut it out. You can also search for certain images that you want to have, i.e. picture of your dream house or holiday destination. If you like to draw or write, you can add your creation to the board.

What kind of images can you put on your vision board? It depends what you want to focus on! Future career, hobbies, experiences, places you want to visit, people, relationships and so on. Everything you wish to have or get in your life is okay. You can take it up to even what you eat and how much money you want to make. The more details you have, the more it helps you visualise and know what you want. Then the board reflects truly your dreams and goals. Also, having a concrete image can help you make decisions. When you are making a choice, you may ask yourself, is this taking me closer or further from my goals?

Making this is also a way to reflect your thinking. Are there dreams, wishes or desires you do not allow for yourself? Are they rational? Could you change your strict attitude? You can also notice if anything particular that is catching your eye, something you find yourself looking at over and over. There can be hidden meanings behind the pictures and words. The meaning can also be symbolic. 

After you have cut your pictures and words, it is time to place them into the board. Be creative with this. Once you have decided the positioning of the pictures you may glue them on. Sometimes you will have space on your board and that is okay. You can come back another time and fill it in or leave it as it is. Other times you may have too many pictures. Then you may save the photos that do not fit or make another vision board or just leave them out.   

         two yellow pillar candles with a bullet journal and art supplies                                                       

When the glue has dried and you are happy with the result, place the vision board somewhere you see it often. Then it will not only be a reminder to take action towards your goals but also a decoration. As a bonus exercise, you can make a smaller vision board on your calendar or folder cover that you can carry with you. 

This exercise is great to make your goals and things you want to have in life crystal clear. It is better to have it in a physical format than just in your head. You will start to notice that the things you put on your board will manifest in real life. Either you took mindful action towards your goals and desires, or your subconscious leads you to them. Also, you will be more mindful and that may help you notice the opportunities, people, things that can help you make your dreams happen. 

Vision board always shows the owner's personality: every board is unique. It could be fun to do it with friends and see the differences and similarities the finished boards have. You can make a new one every year or whenever you feel like it. It is also a great memory to keep and see later how you have achieved your goals and how your life has changed. 

Good luck with vision board making! 

Kari Shea