How to Cheer up the Quarantine

Play Drawful with Your Family Online

… or any kind of similar game (such as Kahoot!). What we do with my family is play together. Since I’m in quarantine, though, we needed to come up with a more creative option. Combine Google Hangouts Meet (or any similar video chat) and your fave online game et voilá! There’s your perfect Corona escape for the evening. And if you haven’t tried Drawful yet, go try it! It’s so incredibly fun.

Dye or Cut your Hair

Now is the time to try that crazy hair-do you’ve always wanted to try. Go for a buzzcut. Dye your hair a silly colour (remember, though, that a lot of hair dyes contain allergizing chemicals, so be mindful of that). I’m thinking of trying a pink and green fringe, as soon as my flatmate gets me the dye. Not up for anything quite so permanent? Learn to braid your hair in a new way (check out Sophie Hannah's tutorials, they’re pretty neat). Just try something new: a high pony, a fancier bun – just a new look to brighten up your time spent inside.

Explore Your Home City

Go outside! Ok, so the tricky thing about this quarantine sitch is that if you live somewhere close to the city centre and don’t have a car, your options are limited. Everywhere is packed. Or maybe just almost everywhere? I’ve noticed that quarantine has forced me to be just a bit more adventurous and creative with my jogging route choices. There are so many places that you never go to in your day to day life – now’s time to explore all those remote corners (uh, obviously, within reason). Remember to take a look at your home country regulations, though, and be mindful of them. And remember to keep your distance!

Take Care of Yourself

Everyone’s on Tinder like quarantine and chill but why not just enjoy your own company? You know what I’m saying, girl. This is the perfect time to treat yourself to a proper hot date with yourself. Take a long bath, light up some candles, pour yourself a glass of a beverage of your choice and go find your fave vibrator. Romance yourself.

Video Call Someone Every Day

This is not a new tip but what I’m saying is: do this every. Single. Day. It helps so much to see a familiar face. So don’t just call your friends, Skype with them!

Let It Out

Even though there are all these pretty cool things you can do to brighten up a quarantine day – and really, the list is endless – we all know that this situation sucks. Don’t bottle all that worry and frustration up. Let it out instead. What I do is, when I start feeling really bummed about being cooped up inside, I give myself five minutes to feel whatever I feel. A little break from that cheerfulness, if you like. Write your feelings down or call a friend or have a proper cry – or maybe all three – and just acknowledge your feelings.

Make Your Own List

If this listicle has given you any inspiration, that’s great! If it hasn’t, just go and make your own. Actually, go do that in any case. Just dot down some things you really want to do (that can be done when self-isolating, obviously) and do one every day! It might sound silly, but thinking about this just a few minutes might really help you come up with some awesome things. Share them if you like, or keep them private. Stay safe!