Hogwarts Vibes and Royal Love: The University of St Andrews

This October, I got a chance to visit The University of St Andrews, the oldest university in Scotland. Located about 50 kilometres northeast of Edinburgh, the university is spread all over St Andrews, giving the whole tiny city a nice academic vibe.

Many of the students live in castles built in the 19th century, and wandering through the yards and corridors evokes a very Hogwartsy feeling.

Nowadays the university is famous for being the place where Prince William, majoring in Geography, met Art History major Kate Middleton in 2001, and the city knows how to take advantage of that: the banner in the window of this cafe says "Where Kate met Wills (for coffee!)".

The whole town is extremely pretty and full of old buildings, and it is framed by an amazing long beach. Totally worth a visit, if you are into small town charm and beautiful universities!