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The summer is on its way, and so is the break from studies. You’ve been exercising your brain this whole year, so how about taking up an activity for your soul and body? Here’s a list of ideas for quality time alone or with someone.

1. Plants

Nothing grounds you more than getting your hands dirty while repotting your new friends and watching them grow every day. If you’re new to plant care, start with the low-maintenance ones, such as devil’s ivy, snake plant, or good old succulent. Choose cute pots and watch a few tutorials on YouTube to take good care of them (basically, just keep them alive). If you’ve been a plant pro for a while, try opting for more sophisticated options, such as an orchid flower or fiddle-leaf fig. You can even grow something of your own, like an avocado tree from the seed left from your morning avo toast. 

2. Walking 

The weather is hopefully getting warmer, and it is a good idea to get out of your house every day and explore the area. Be curious, take a cup of tea or coffee with you, or maybe even grab a book. Plan a route in advance or be spontaneous. Look around you (not at your phone), listen to your surroundings or nice music. Mix walks in nature with walks in the city, find out if you like to walk in the morning or in the evening. Follow your inner guide and be mindful as you take your steps. 

3. Drawing 

Don’t worry if you’ve never drawn before – you don’t need much experience to do that if your only goal is to relax and be creative. Find some beautiful patterns on Pinterest and let your hand do the rest. Be it watercolour or a black pen, mimic what you see and be surprised by how soothing it is to let go and concentrate on the paper. You don’t need to produce a masterpiece, just enjoy the quietness of the process. 

4. Pottery

Remember that mug you've wanted forever but can’t seem to find? Or maybe your new plant needs a cute pot? You can try and make those yourself. Pottery workshops do require some cash, but it is a great option if you’ve been meaning to invest in your leisure activities. Pottery lets you be creative while producing something with your own hands – cool, right? If you choose group workshops, you might as well meet someone fun along the way.  

5. Dancing 

Turning on your favorite song, getting up from the couch, and starting to move as you want to is a surprisingly recharging thing to do. Getting yourself moving is always great, but through dancing you let yourself enjoy the moment and your body. And if you want to spice it up, you can find dancing training on YouTube and follow one of those videos. I guarantee you’ll feel much better.

Hobbies help us recuperate and contribute to our overall well-being. Make sure to find yours this summer, and for once, enjoy doing something just for fun.


Leila Askerova

Helsinki '22

English major with a love for slow life and all things cozy.
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