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Halloween Celebrity Costumes Highlights of 2018

Royal MonarchsTheir Majesties Teigen and Legend! Dressed up as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, these two’re elegant, charming and beautifully royal.   

Red-lipped Mummy

Following in Anne Hathaway’s Halloween footsteps, mummy costume’s a great pick if you want to have a classic scary look. Though adding extra touch such as bright lipstick makes the look just stunning.   


Hola from Sofia Vergara! Her Halloween look this year is all about magic and mystery of this gorgeous big cat. Meowww!

Victoria’s Secret Angel

In Kardashian-Jenner fashion, this Halloween the sisters showcased sexy looks, which they borrowed from the lingerie company. Bold, ambitious and over-the-top, as usual.

Killer Bunny

Scary Spice or Victoria Beckham? This year, VB got into the spirit the most by wearing a killer bunny mask depicting a menacing smile and blood-smearing fur. Who else but VB knows how to be gorgeous and dangerous at the same time.    

Sailor Moon

Who wouldn’t want to, at least for a day, turn into an adventurous schoolgirl Usagi Tsukino, also called a Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon? Taylor Hill, a current Victoria’s Secret Angel did and did it gorgeously.     

Photos taken from ELLE, E!, Vogue, Entertainment Weekly 

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