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Goodbye and Hello – HC Helsinki in Transition

It’s been a year since Pinja and I began our journey as the new Campus Correspondents of Her Campus at Helsinki, and what a journey it has been! Since the beginning, we’ve aimed to make HC Helsinki a more inclusive space for people to share ideas, explore their creativity and develop their skills, and we couldn’t be more happy and proud of the team we have now become. With more than 20 members working in editorial, social media and publicity, we’ve managed to organize a number of events, some of the more memorable ones being our successful Head Shot Days, giving out free hugs on Valentine’s Day to bring awareness to mental health, and even shooting our first ever promotional video! Yesterday we were also informed that HC Helsinki has officially reached the ultimate pink level status, becoming a top chapter in the Her Campus network. However, along with our successes we also faced challenges, and both Pinja and I have gained invaluable experience in team management and in maintaining a balance between being flexible and assertive, just to name a few. 

Saying that this has been a great year is an understatement; we’ve achieved so much as a team and grew because of our shared enthusiasm towards the publishing world as well as through our differences as individuals. If there is one thing that HC Helsinki has proved again and again, it is that there is more than enough room for the articulation and expression of all of our diverse experiences and dreams. As Pinja and I take a step back and let our new Campus Correspondents take their positions, we feel confident and assured that they will continue to bring humor, happiness, and awareness of important social and gender issues to you, our readers. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed accompanying us through the year and will continue to support us and stay tuned for content throughout the summer and of course, in the new semester. As for ourselves, Pinja and I are both excited to create more articles for you to read as we stay on as writers for HC Helsinki. Have a wonderful and relaxing summer, here’s to more adventures to come!  

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