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Fun sports to try before the snow melts

Spring is almost here… But not quite yet! There is still time to try out some fun new Winter sports before it gets warmer and all the snow melts. Now, the tips I’ll be giving in this article won’t really work if you live somewhere where there is no snow. However, maybe you could try to modify them to suit your conditions. I personally live in Finland where we have plenty of snow for several months. So, I grew up doing Winter sports, many of which are actually so much fun! If you haven’t tried the ones mentioned in this article, I really recommend doing so. Anyway, without further ado, here are my three favourite Winter sports!

Ice skating

Alright, this one is really basic but it is also my favourite! There’s just something so joyous about gliding on the ice. If you have never tried ice skating, don’t worry, it’s really not too hard though it does take a bit of getting used to. If you are a more experienced ice skater, it is super fun to try doing some very basic tricks such as turning on one leg or doing pirouettes. Ice skating is also super fun with friends or your partner. You can skate slowly and chat or maybe if you have clubs, you can even play ice hockey together! Skating a bit faster also makes for a great workout. Don’t forget to drink a steaming cup of hot chocolate or tea afterwards!


By skiing, I mean doing it on flat ground. Downhill skiing is a whole different thing. We Finns love skiing. I personally think it’s okay if done right. Firstly, you need nice weather: sunny, not too hot, not too cold. Secondly, you need snacks and hot drinks. This is very important. Thirdly, you need good company. Skiing can be a proper workout if you go as fast as you can but I prefer going at a moderate pace while chatting with my friends. When you feel like it, you can take a break and snack a little before continuing. This is a fun way of spending time with friends or family while simultaneously getting some exercise!


Swimming outdoors in the Winter is very popular in Finland. I absolutely hate it and have only done it once because me and my partner both promised to do something we find uncomfortable (don’t ask why, I don’t know). How it works is that you make a hole in the ice or find one somewhere and kinda just go in. Most people come out right away but some stay in for several minutes which I absolutely do not understand. Usually you’ll want to have a hot sauna right next to where you go swimming so that you can get warm as soon as you are done. Like I said, I hate cold water and swimming in it but many people really enjoy it a lot. According to them, taking a dip in ice-cold water feels nice and refreshing. It does have proven health benefits such as boosting your blood flow so I guess they have a point. However, I cannot promise that you’ll enjoy this one since I absolutely do not, so try this at your own risk!

Lotta Nieminen

Helsinki '24

I study social science and when I don't I really like to look at butterflies, take naps and think about how I'm going to make the world a better place some day.