Five Travel Tips in Bali


Bali is an island in Indonesia. There are many beautiful and exotic places to visit and a lot of culture to explore. Here are five places that are worth exploring. 

1.    Monkey Forest This is not a typical forest. Here you get to see Indonesia's rainforest environment accompanied with wild monkeys. Speaking from experience, stay away from the little monkeys and do not carry food with you. The monkeys will smell and try to steal it. The baby monkeys are also very curious and might climb on you. There is no need to panic but if that happens do not move away from their mother, because she might get the idea that you are stealing her baby and bite you. Even though this is a forest, it has an entrance fee and staff.


2.    Tirta Empul Temple  Tirta Empul Temple has a pool of holy water that you can bathe in to purify yourself. Before going into the temple, you will need to borrow a traditional kamen, which is a piece of cloth that you tie around your waist to cover your lower body. This is for both men and women who are wearing clothing tht shows their legs. When you want to go into the holy water to bath you will need to change clothes. You dress up in a green cloth that you tie with a red ribbon. I suggest that you take your swimsuit with you to put it under the cloth. The pool has several streams of water and in front of each stream you need to pour the water three times on your head/face or dip completely under the water. You can also say a little prayer or wishes for the future. Another option is to just do a ritual of your liking. 

3.    Balinese dance This is a great way to get into the Balinese culture. You can find this form of dance in bigger temples. The performance has live music that local Bali women play with xylophones, flute and congo rums. With this mesmerising music you will see the dance. The dancers are both female and male and the moves are repeated many times. The dancers wear traditional, colorful clothing. If you are interested in local culture this is a must-see. Also, the temples are an excellent choice for taking pictures. Decorative buildings make a beautiful background for posing. 

4.    Beaches  Bali has beautiful white sand beaches. The waves are high and perfect for surfing: lessons are offered if you don't know how to surf. When the sun goes down around five o’clock and it becomes dark, beach restaurants and bars open. These restaurants have comfy chairs on the sand and most of the places have a live band or duo with guitar. Having a pizza or a drink while listening to live music at the beach is a rather pleasant way to enjoy your night in Bali. 

5.   Night market Bali’s night market is full of different snacks and foods to try. The prices are also low. It is good to be aware that the food is usually very spicy. You can find things like fried rice, banana dessert and fruit ice mix from the night market. This is your chance to eat like locals for cheap. 





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