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Finland Is a Hit – These Three YouTube Channels Are Real Finland Fans

Finland is the promised land of YouTube. Youtubers are the new celebrities, most popular ones have more viewers on their videos than many TV-shows, and of course there’s Tubecon, an annual YouTube convention that is held in Helsinki. Finland loves YouTube, and YouTube loves Finland. Just ask these three foreign youtubers who mainly make videos related to Finland.

1. Dave Cad

Dave Cad is a British youtuber who has been making videos about Finland for quite some time now. He is engaged to a fellow youtuber Cat Peterson who is from Finland but has lived in the UK for about ten years. One of the most popular video series on Dave’s channel is Reacting to Finnish music videos. In these videos Dave watches Finnish music videos and tells the viewers what he thinks of them. Of course majority of the music is in Finnish and he doesn’t really know what the songs are about. Unsuccessful translations of the songs’ lyrics provided by Google Translate are an additional piece of humor for those of us that speak Finnish. On the channel you can also find videos of Dave tasting Finnish foods, sweets and alcohol, and lately also learning Finnish.

2. Ihana Pön

Ihana Pön, or Julia, moved to Finland from Singapore and has been vlogging about her life here since then. She has not lived in Finland for very long but the theme of Finland was present on her channel also before the move. On her videos she talks about the Finnish culture, things she finds odd or cool and also some videos are about her getting to know the Finnish culture, like tasting Finnish Christmas food and introducing her favorite Finnish movies.

3. Jake and Emma

This couple is living in New York City and making videos about Finland. Jake is from the United States and Emma is from Finland. They make most of their videos together and a lot of them are about Emma teaching Jake things about the Finnish culture. There are also other types of videos on the channel like different challenges. The channel hasn’t been very active lately, except for the videos Jake made during his first ever visit to Finland. There’s still plenty of entertaining content to check out on this channel, like this one from two years ago where Emma teaches Jake Finnish.

I also want to add two bonus channels here that don’t necessarily fill both requirements set for the list, that the videos are mainly about Finland or the youtubers are foreigners, but they are just too good not to be mentioned. So bonus number one is Way Away. The channel is hosted by an American couple Josh and Ashley. They travel the world and last summer they also visited Finland and made four videos about it. These are more like travel videos with a touristy feel, but they do introduce some parts of Finnish culture very well and also show off Helsinki from a visitor’s point of view. And last but not least, bonus number two is the channel of a Finnish youtuber Timo Wilderness, and especially his one video series WTF: Welcome To Finland. These are actually more like short documentaries about Finland. Beautifully shot and edited, go check them out as well!

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