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Epoch Dresses and Magic Lanterns at the National Audiovisual Institute’s Spring Gallery

Finland’s National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) is currently exhibiting a collection of treasures from the early days of film-making and audiovisual culture in Finland. As KAVI’s film museum closed its doors in 2015, the institute decided to open a small lobby gallery at their main headquarters in Sörnäinen, depicting some of the museum’s gems. Now is your chance to have a glimpse of the work of Finnish costume-makers from previous decades and familiarize yourself with early versions of moving pictures such as magic lanterns and ludoscopes. What’s more, you’ll get to take a closer look at the only Golden Globe ever won by a Finnish film-maker. The gallery is free of charge and open to the public this Spring until May 27th. 

Epoch dresses from the film Tanssi yli hautojen (1950). 

A costume from the film Siltalan pehtoori (1934), the earliest of films KAVI has clothes from in their collection.

 A magic lantern, an image projector from the 19th Century, made by the brothers Lapierre. The images painted on this lamp’s glass sheet are from the classic tale Puss in Boots.

A Golden Globe, awarded to the best foreign-language film Valkoinen peura in 1956, directed by Erik Blomberg. It is by far the only Golden Globe won by a Finnish film; one could say that the 50’s were (literally) a golden age of Finnish cinema.

 The gallery offers a nice little view of the early days of audiovisual culture in Finland. Take a trip to KAVI’s exhibition if you feel like spending a moment inspecting pieces of film history.


The lobby gallery is held at KAVI’s premises, Sörnäisten rantatie 25 A, 5th floor. 

A description of the exhibition (in Finnish): Epookkipukuja ja taikalyhtyjä KAVIn kevätnäyttelyssä.


Interested in knowing more about the National Film Institute? Go to: Kavi.fi

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